As the name implies, Agendaless isn't about an agenda. We don't try to flip you into purchasing a "commercial" version, or switching to a platform-as-a-service, or any of the other techniques consultancies due to increase margins and get dressed up for acquisition.

We provide service.

Big Projects

Our specialty: large projects that need a close relationship from "what do we want" through "here is what you get" into "let's keep it successful". More on Big Projects

Tactical Firepower

Got a Pyramid project and need extra juice from the Pyramid folks? Pyramid consulting, short or long term. More on Tactical Firepower

Devteam Bootstrap

You have a talented team, ready to start on a Pyramid project. You want them productive and effective from the get-go. Bring in the creator of Pyramid for a week or two, transferring experience and best practices. More on Devstream Bootstrap


On-site training, stock, customized, or a combination. More on Training

By Paul Everitt