Development Team Bootstrap

Chris was selected to give a featured talk at a conference a couple of years ago. A major Internet company heard he was going to be in the area. They were just starting a switch to Pyramid and their devteam thought: "How about we bring Chris in for a week, coaching us on the best practices for Pyramid?"

This experience, and subsequent examples, proved to be a great value to the customer. It wasn't training, where someone comes in with existing material unrelated to your problem domain. It wasn't consulting, where Chris's job would be to work down a pile of tasks assigned to him.

Instead, Chris's job was to make the devteam better.

At Agendaless, we're the Pyramid people. If you have some Pyramid people too, and want them jacked up and excited, but also smarter and more experienced, consider us for the devteam bootstrap.

By Paul Everitt