The principals at Agendaless.

Chris McDonough

Phone: +1 540-429-2271
Twitter: @chrismcdonough
Github: mcdonc
Ohloh: chrism

Chris McDonough is the primary author of the Pyramid web framework and the Supervisor process manager. He founded Agendaless Consulting with Paul and Tres in 2006, after blogging about its core values and its purpose.

Prior to Agendaless, Chris worked as a free-lance consultant, as well as working with Tres and Paul at Zope Corporation.

Paul Everitt

Phone: +1 540-429-0386
Twitter: @paulweveritt
Github: pauleveritt
Ohloh: repaul

Paul Everitt is a partner in Agendaless Consulting, providing high-end services for web applications in Pyramid and Python. He specializes in project management for large, complex content management deployments, particularly in the non-profit sector. Paul co-founded Agendaless after four years in France while starting and running a non-profit business partner network for Plone and Zope.

In 1993, Rob Page and Paul Everitt co-founded Digital Creations, the creators of the first open source application server. Paul served in a number of positions, including Vice President of Products and CEO. During his tenure, Paul helped transition Zope from a proprietary application server to a leading open source solution, including 3 rounds of venture capital in excess of $14M.

Prior to Zope Corporation, Paul was an officer in the United State Navy. He was in charge of software offerings within a department focused on business use of Internet technology. In the process, Paul launched in 1993 as one of the first two hundred public websites in the world.

Tres Seaver

Phone: +1 540-429-0999
Twitter: @tresseaver
Github: tseaver
Ohloh: tseaver

A software developer and consultant since 1990, Tres Seaver specializes in building enterprise-scale applications using Python, Pyramid, and Zope.

Before founding Agendaless Consulting with Chris and Paul, Tres worked for Zope Corporation, where he was the architect / technical lead for the Zope Content Management Framework (CMF), which provides most of the infrastructure for the Plone platform.

Before moving to Fredericksburg to work wtih Paul and Chris at Digital Creations / Zope Corporation, Tres founded a consultancy, Palladion Software, specializing in large-scale, business-critical applications in energy production and finance.

Tres cut his consulting teeth working for MACRO Enterprises in Houston, building applications for line managers in oil and gas production, commodities and derivatives trading, and banking.