Pyramid Traversal Tutorial, updated

Interested in learning about Pyramid's traversal approach for sites with hierarchies? For my Pyramid tutorial in Brazil last October, I wrote a "quick" Traversal Tutorial. I didn't talk too much about it, as it had some typos. I just fixed the wording and also confirmed that it runs under Python 3.4.

This tutorial tries to introduce traversal in some bite-sized chunks with working code:

  • A Bootstrap-layout that places the elements used in the tutorial
  • A basic root object with a view at /hello....with no routes
  • Views that get their information and security retrieved and passed in by the framework
  • A nested hierarchy of resources
  • Ditto, but with resources of different types, with type-specific views...and no stupid /sometype/1/anothertype/2 in the resource location (URL)
  • Adding any kind of thing inside any kind of thing
  • Persistence, first with ZODB then with SQLAlchemy (using adjacency list relationships and polymorphic tables)

posted: 2014-07-30 09:54   by Paul Everitt | permalink