Mozilla Persona and Substance D

We're running this website on Substance D, the content framework for Pyramid that Chris came up with. We're dogfooding a lot of the good work done by Substance D folks, plus related work like Domen's Deform2.

It's also a testing ground for some of our own stuff. Tres has it acting as a WebDAV server, which is how he does his authoring. He did this as a Substance D add-on, which helps prove how well Pyramid's add-on system functions.

We were talking about logins and thinking about re-using the Twitter-OAuth-based login I did on my Substance D site for a local sports league. Instead, Tres looked at Mozilla Persona and whipped up support for that. I can now use a Google account and get transparent login when authoring blog posts here.

It's worked, well, just about perfectly.

posted: 2013-10-11 16:12   by Paul Everitt | permalink