Looking for Some Reputation?

19 years of web consulting means you've seen a lot. We have been brought in on good teams, weak teams. We've been the project team for good management and bad management. One thing is for sure: we have learned to weather project storms.

We at Agendaless are very proud of our reputation, hard-earned and deserved, amongst our peers, who include some of the brightest minds in open source around the world. We walk the walk, and have done so long enough that the evidence is out there.

In consulting, our work on very big Web projects goes back into the late 90's. Tres led the development team for the Zope-based CMS powering a top-three U.S. newspaper. Chris was a lead developer for a Zope-based CMS that powered a major New York City news broadcaster. In fact, Chris was supporting that site during the hours of 9/11. Afterwards, the site was lauded for being one of the few that didn't crash. More recently, Paul has led the development team behind a collaboration system for one of the biggest and well-known NGOs, a team with members in six timezones.

We certainly know business. Signing as CEO for a $12M investment, closing the sale on a multimillion dollar project, and supporting long-term development efforts lends the perspective a company needs when choosing a development partner. We know about successful projects.

But this is true of many consulting firms with large client portfolios. Agendaless, though, has a reputation from being part of the open source development community from the beginning. As the timeline shows, we can say the following:

  • Started www.navy.mil in 1993
  • Attended the first Python meeting and bootstrapped the Python Software Foundation
  • Co-founded the first open source application server
  • Created the content framework used by Plone
  • Bootstrapped and chaired the Plone Foundation
  • Chaired the Zope Foundation
  • Created the Pyramid web framework and very-popular Supervisor process manager

These contributions lead to a very long, distinguished recognition amongst our peers. It his hard to put a measure on this, but here's one. The popular Ohloh site has Chris and Tres ranked in the top 0.3% of open source developers.

By Paul Everitt