Consulting Honesty

The three of us had a certain shared business experience, causing us to leave an organization with some valuable lessons. In 2006, we came back together to form an intentionally-small, no-plans-of-IPO outfit called Agendaless Consulting.

That name. Agendaless. [head scratch.] What's up with that?

In 2004, Chris was working for himself as an independent consultant. He thought a little about his previous experience and realized that believing in what you were doing was more important than the rat-race of the Internet bubble years. Putting pen to the proverbial digital paper, he authored Lifestyle, Inc.. This article, with its capstone of "I want to enjoy what I do", influenced a good number of open source pioneers at the time.

Chris followed this article up with Agendaless Consulting, describing the kind of consulting practice that fit into Lifestyle, Inc. When we formed our company a year later, the right company name was self-evident.

In the 7 years since, we have walked the walk on "staying agendaless". We have brought that concept up at several critical points as a touchstone for consulting honesty.

Life is too short to not be proud of what you do.

By Paul Everitt