SubstanceD Screencast #1: Setting Up the Environment

This screencast is the first in a series of short tutorials on installing SubstanceD and using it to build a simple intranet application.

This episode demonstrates creating a Python virtual environment and installing the SubstanceD software into it.

Annotated Commands

For those who'd like to read rather than listen, this is the set of commands outlined:

  1. Create a Python 3.3 virtual environment:
    $ /opt/Python-3.3.3/bin/pyvenv intranet
    $ cd intranet
  2. Install and update setuptools:
    $ wget
    $ bin/python3
    $ bin/easy_install -U setuptools
  3. Check out SubstanceD from Github:
    $ mkdir src
    $ cd src
    $ git clone
    $ cd substanced
  4. Run SubstanceD's to install it in the environment:
    $ ../../bin/python3 develop
    Note that this step also installs SubstanceD's dependencies.
  5. Verify that SubstanceD is importable from our checkout:
    $ cd ../..
    $ bin/python
    >>> import substanced
    >>> print(substanced.__file__)

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