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Issue 9 Improve vocabularies for Choice / ChoiceSet fields
    From tseaver. Jul 19, 07 13:52 ... Jul 19, 07 13:52
    Accepted API/feature+solution medium 2 followups , Assigned: tseaver
    Here's patch to improve the vocabularies for both Choice fields (that did not use a vocabulary at all until now) and ChoiceSet fields. With this patch it is possible to have a value independent from...
Issue 10 Extending userschema's XML story
    From tseaver. Feb 6, 08 15:15 ... Feb 6, 08 15:41
    Accepted API/feature medium 1 followup , Assigned: tseaver
    Martin Aspeli wrote: I'm currently working on a prototype to try an support full-blown through-the-web and from-an-XML-file content types in Plone. Paul and I have spoken about this before, a bit. T...
1 to 2 of 2 found (11 total)